A proven track record speaks for the fact that its focus didn’t shift even once.

Every year, MEDICAM’s product range is surprising the market pundits. The company’s technologies are putting thousands of patients at ease. Its cameras are helping doctors to create surgical breakthroughs in some the world’s most renowned medical institutions. The global associations are enabling us to harness top-of-the-line technology. And our ever-growing presence is giving our peers a reason to get back to their drawing boards.

Today, with a robust portfolio, MEDICAM has become one of the eminent names in the medical equipment industry. Moreover, with its cost-effective innovations like Dental Intra Oral camera range, OPD ENT Camera, USB Video Dermatoscope, Video Proctoscope USB, Video Laryngoscope USB, Video Otoscopeand various types of Industrial Video Borescopes, the company has been able to carve a niche for itself.

  • ISO 13485 : 2016
  • ISO 9001 : 2015


Hemant Palande, the company’s Founder and the Chief Executive started as an entrepreneur at a very young age in the year 1991. In 1999, while dealing in CCTV equipment, he began assembling medical cameras. Finally, in 2001, he found his calling and HEMANT’S MEDICAM was launched. A dream saw the light of the day.

Hemant’s entrepreneurial skills soon came to notice. The list of clients started increasing. And the trade experts identified MEDICAM as a force to reckon with. Udyogshri Publication conferred the title of ‘Udyogshree’ upon Hemant. He was the youngest person to receive this award then.


Camera Solutions

Solution for camera/Optical equipment
After understanding the customer’s requirement, we can design/search/make a suitable camera device for your need. We have different types of Camera devices[modules] for your requirement. The Camera categories include both ‘AV Out and USB output cameras.

So we can make a cost-effective, user-friendly camera for medical/Industrial use.

We do have our own Dye Moulds for these types of Camera bodies. We are importers for flexible metal cables also.

In the past we have given solutions for Barrel checking, Pipe checking / Piston Engine checking and for various industrial and medical requirement

Hardware & Software Solutions for Intra Oral Cameras

We can install our software [detailed and normal] on any Computer or Laptop, with any Operating System [Windows 98 and above]. Our software can be installed not only on our Intra Oral Camera but also can be installed on any of your existing cameras. This software will enable you to store patient’s data, images, and video clips etc. The software we provide is loaded with a lot of utility features.

We can guide you to buy the Computer and Laptop of correct configuration, which is suitable for your requirement. We also provide installations of various Capture cards, VGA splitters for P.C, Laptops, and Monitors. Other related hardware problems will be taken care of by our professionals. Customized cabling solutions will be provided after understanding the need and geography of your clinics. We undertake various types of cabling jobs for Doctors like Television & Personal Computer simultaneous connection, two-four monitor connection, multiple chair connections and many more.

Installation of the camera as per requirement

We guide you in installing the Intra Oral camera / Dermatoscope etc., with choices as given below:-

  • One P.C. and one extra monitor for chairside
  • One P.C. and four extra monitors
  • One Laptop One extra monitor
  • Long USB cable
  • Long VGA [Monitor] cable etc.



MEDICAM begins its operation in Mumbai


We created the revolutionary Intra Oral Dental camera


We Unveiled a range of proprietary Imaging software’s


Forces competitors to pause and think by introducing Video Dermatoscope


We received the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Partners with expert surgeons with its new OPD ENT Camera


Invents Video Proctoscope USB ,

Ventures into Make-To-Order cameras ,

Diversifies into various types of Video Borescope ,

We received yet another prestigious certification for quality, The ISO 13485:2003 Certification.


The complex procedure of intubation made easy with Video Laryngoscope


Easy Procedure with Video Laryngoscope

Introduces new Imaging software


Invent Video Proctoscope USB


Launch fully Portable Video laryngoscope system

Exhibits International Conference in Srilanka


Participate International Conference in Vietnam


Registration with Prestigious US FDA


Receives Prestigious Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce Award (Medicam Cameras & equipments)


Medicall Healthcare Innovation Awards 2021 – Gold Award Winner


Published Cover Story – An International Healthcare Magazine “MEDGATE TODAY

Listed among the TOP 100 Medical devices and Healthcare Companies in India

iconLatest reviews

I have been using the MEDICAM USB Video Proctoscope for a long time. The USB Video proctoscope is very user-friendly and easy to operate. It has helped to make my patient understand the exact piles problem they have. The software with the camera is very easy to use, helo to
DR. Vidya D. Dharne Proctologist & Anorectal Surgeon
You know Procto Clinic Sai Suman Hospital is India’s First of its kind unique & purely proctology hospital. From the last 15 (fifteen year) more than 50,000 proctology patients are treated in our hospital. As per know proctoscopy is an important procedure to diagnose the Ano-rectal disease.To diagnose Ano- rectal area.
DR. Smita Vaidya Surgeon Proctologist
The Medicam Dental Camera supplied to me from Medicam is very good. It has helped me in the modernization of my clinic. The computer software supplied along with the camera is used to keep the data of various patients and also helps in comparison of the pre and post-treatment.
Dr. Ajay Deboor M. D. S.


Since day one, Hemant Palande has been creating ripples and MEDICAM has been making headlines.
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